Opel Nova & The Importance of Professional Translations

We live in a multicultural and multilingual world. The world is not represented by just one country or just one language, so why should your business? The truth is this is what makes the human species so different – our ability to successfully coexist despite our differences. Initially, language and culture may seem like a barrier but, there are always similarities. After all, we are all human! In this article we will be looking at the importance of using professional translation services to avoid potentially embarrassing and damaging marketing mistakes. First of all, for most successful businesses, the next step is usually expansion. This means going into international territory and setting up shop. However, as it so happens, some of the best places to expand into are ones that are non-English speaking as they have the largest markets and the most opportunities. As a result, your company will need the help of certified translations services. A professional translation service such as Word Perfect is much more than just translating words from one language to the next. It is about understanding the culture and translating the true meaning of words! professional-translation-services-dublinFor example, when the Opel/GM Nova car was introduced in Spanish speaking countries, it became a joke. Why? Because the Nova car, when translated, “no va” literally means “it doesn’t work” in the Spanish language. As you can see, this would severely affect sales and business of the Nova car which became a joke in these Spanish countries. Therefore, the importance of a translations service is simply critical to avoid any of these embarrassing faux-pas. There is more to language that simply stringing words and phrases together, especially when marketing. As you would know, marketing and copy-writing is an art form which needs to convey and evoke a certain emotional response. This is not just limited to advertisements but also translations of company documents, catalogs, legal documents, software applications and even whole websites. Of course, if your company intends to compete in international waters, it will also have to compete online. In 2014, the growth of social media, blogging and eCommerce is simply exploding and you will require a certified translation service to successfully compete internationally. Most large brands have their web pages and all their web content translated into different languages where the user can simply click and select their preferred language. If you only have your website in one language, you are effectively stopping yourself from making sales! This is like shooting yourself in the foot – why would you want to prevent your company from making more revenue? So, you should follow in the footsteps of those large brands and make your web presence multilingual to extend your reach online. As a matter of fact, by using translation services you can completely give your company a huge competitive advantage. Many of your other competing businesses may skip on going multinational, and you can capitalize on this to grow your brand worldwide. This will increase your brand recognition and eventually make your business become a leader in its industry. Now that you see the importance and huge benefits of a professional translation agency, you also need to keep in mind that you will also need translation services when making international business deals. Of course, if you are moving into international territories, you will have to deal with foreign business people and be able to effectively communicate. This is what sets apart a professional and certified translation service as oppose to any other fly by night operation. A certified translation service will have the right staff to help you fill any and all of your business’s needs and make sure you have the right translators for the job to facilitate your success. Also, if you expand internationally, you will probably have to employ local workers who of course, will speak their local language. A certified translation service will be able to facilitate proper communication between you and your workers, despite the language difference. In closing, translations services are simply priceless when it comes to growing and expanding a business. Sure, it may seem strange and uncomfortable at first – but remember, success comes when you work outside of your comfort zone! Avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes in your marketing. Visit www.wordperfect.ie or cal 01 872 0008

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